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A year after the marathon bombings, Boston perseveres

"United, we will always persevere." That was the message Massachusetts shared with the nation and the world Tuesday, on the anniversary of twin bombings that turned last year's Boston Marathon from a celebration into a day of horr

Beef prices hit record high

Hitting the grocery store is getting more costly.

Judge orders man to hold "I am a bully" sign

"I looked out the window and there he was with a bucket," said Mike Prugh.

Protect yourself from the bugs of summer

Warmer temperatures aren't just attractive to people, but to bugs too. Summer insects are not only pests, but they can transmit viruses and illnesses that can be dangerous.

Owed a refund? There's no penalty for filing late

Some good news for procrastinators: If you're owed a refund and you don't file your taxes by Tuesday, you won't get hit with a penalty.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Pings go silent; search goes underwater

Efforts to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 focused beneath the choppy surface of the Indian Ocean on Monday as Australian authorities sent a U.S.

Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home

Unbelievable. That's how a police captain described the case. A 39-year-old woman in Utah is in custody, accused of murder, after authorities found the remains of seven infants at a home where she used to live.

Police arrest 'raging anti-Semite' in Kansas Jewish center shootings

A Missouri man, with a long virulent history of anti-Semitism, is suspected of killing a boy and his grandfather outside a Jewish community center in Kansas City and a woman at a Jewish assisted living facility nearby.

Sebelius' resignation and the politics of Obamacare

Kathleen Sebelius, the outgoing health and human services secretary, said the decision to step down from her post was hers -- not the Obama administration's.

Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

Security researchers have uncovered a fatal flaw in a key safety feature for surfing the Web -- the one that keeps your email, banking, shopping, passwords and communications private. Here's what you need to know.