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Texas judge: Remove brain-dead woman from ventilator, other machines

A Texas judge ordered a Fort Worth hospital to remove a pregnant and brain-dead woman from respirators and ventilators on Friday, perhaps ending a wrenching legal debate about who is alive, who is dead and how the presence of a fetus changes th

Playtex recalls pacifier holder clip due to choking hazard

Playtex is recalling a pacifier holder clip due to a choking hazard. This recall involves the Playtex pacifier holder clip that can attach a pacifier to items like clothing, diaper bags, and strollers.

3 reported killed in shooting at Maryland mall

Gunfire erupted in a Columbia, Maryland, shopping mall late Saturday morning, leaving three people dead and four injured, police said.

Jamaican bobsled team headed to Sochi

Thanks to the kindness of the Internet, a two-man Jamaican bobsled team is going to the Sochi Olympics.

Price of USPS stamps goes up this weekend

If you have letters or bills to mail, you might want to rush. Saturday is the last day when it will cost you 46 cents. Starting Sunday, you'll pay more -- 49 cents.

5 products that are pushing the boundaries of TV

It's no secret that TV and the Internet are becoming increasingly intertwined. As streaming technology progresses, it has opened up all sorts of new possibilities for television viewing.

Court to weigh fate of pregnant Texas woman who family says is brain dead

Is Marlise Munoz "nothing more than an empty shell," as her husband says, contending she's been brain dead since November and should be left to rest in peace?

Deaf NFL player to hearing-impaired NJ girl: 'We can still accomplish dreams'

In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks player Derrick Coleman Jr. probably expected an onslaught of encouragement from his fans.

Arctic drilling opponents win round in federal court

A new court ruling could chill Royal Dutch Shell's plans to drill for oil off Alaska, finding that federal regulators used an "arbitrary and capricious" number to approve the project.