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LIST: Texas tops Forbes' most valuable college football programs list

Even though the Texas Longhorns' season wasn't one to brag about, they are still considered the most valuable college football program in the nation, according to a

Cornyn, Toomey introduce bill to end ‘Too Big To Fail’

U.S. Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) today introduced the Taxpayer Protection and Responsible Resolution Act (TPRRA) to end taxpayer-funded bailouts for large financial institutions.

Over 40 million Target shoppers' credit cards hacked

As many as 40 million Target shoppers who hit stores in the three weeks after Thanksgiving had their credit and debit card information stolen.

'Walking Dead' creator sues AMC over profits from zombie series

The creator of the "Walking Dead" television series accuses AMC of cheating him out of millions of dollars in profits from the zombie hit.

Death penalty in the United States gradually declining

A shortage of lethal injection chemicals has contributed to declining use of capital punishment in the United States with a new report on Thursday noting only 39 executions this year.

Newtown police chief withdraws request to fire officer with PTSD

 The Newtown, Connecticut, police chief has withdrawn a recommendation to fire an officer diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and haunted by the horrific images of the mass shooting at an elementary school there.

Kentucky 'Santa' brings smiles to kids in need around the world

You could call Clyde Fogle the Kentucky "Santa."

Remarks about gays prompt suspension of 'Duck Dynasty' star

Is this man simply expressing his beliefs or spewing bigotry?

Insurers ease deadline to pay for Obamacare policies

Health insurers announced Wednesday they will give people buying coverage under Obamacare more time to make the first payment.

White House to release independent report on NSA spying

An independent assessment of National Security Agency surveillance ordered by President Barack Obama following classified leaks by Edward Snowden will be released Wednesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said.