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Turn up the bass: Music to make you feel more powerful at work

If you've ever used music to psych yourself up for a big presentation, an important negotiation, or a job interview, you'll know that certain songs can evoke strong emotions.

'Ouija' tops box office and (sort of) sets a record

 "Ouija" is at the head of the class in more ways than one.

Google exec sets several world records after jumping from the edge of space

Take a look at Google's Vice President, Alan Eustace, who just jumped from the edge of space. In the process, he broke the sound barrier and set several world records.

Toddler shot in both legs during drive-by shooting

A two-year old boy is the latest child to be caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting in St. Louis. It happened Saturday afternoon a block north of Soldan High School on North Union Blvd.

Keithville man arrested for alleged molestation of juvenile

A Keithville man was arrested Friday for the alleged molestation of a juvenile that happened 20 years ago.

Nurse ordered released in New Jersey; boy under Ebola evaluation in New York

An American nurse who has tested negative for Ebola is being released after days in quarantine in New Jersey.

Officer shoots, kills man who attacked him with box-cutter: police

A man was shot and killed by a police officer Sunday morning after he lunged at the officer with a box cutter.

After teen's death, group calls for ban on powdered caffeine

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is urging the FDA to ban the sale of powdered caffeine. A single teaspoon of pure caffeine contains about the same amount as in 25 cups of coffee.

New York Times: ISIS hostages were tortured before beheadings

In the moments before his death, American James Foley stares into the camera, head held high, after being forced to read a script, in which he blames his death on the United States.

Agents: Man says devil made him smash 10 Commandments monument

Though he told authorities that the devil made him do it, Satanists disapproved, after a man allegedly shattered a stone copy of the Ten Commandments last week.