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Credit Act affects users differently

The Credit Act has changed the rules of the banking business.Be sure to know how they affect you.

Toyota Faces $16M Fine

Transportation Dept. seeks record penalty against Toyota for failing to promptly notify gov't of defective gas pedals

Karzai's Taliban Threat'Troubling' for White House

Obama spokesman blasts Afghan president's tirade in which he accused U.S. of meddling in his country's affairs

Trapped Miners Freed in China 'Miracle'

Hailed as 'one of the most amazing rescues in the history of mining,' over 100 are freed after 8 days underground

Not Over: Aftershocks Rattle California

Scientists warn that aftershocks could continue for days as Southern California recovers from Easter Sunday quake

Deadly Strikes Rock U.S. Consulate in Pakistan

At least three killed as Islamist militants use car bombs and grenades to get into U.S. consulate in Pakistan• VIDEO: Fighting One of the Taliban's Biggest Weapons

Scott Brown's Star Power

After becoming a national sensation, the Republican senator is taking on a new role on the campaign trail

Faces of the Tea Party

SLIDESHOW: The Tea Party coalition is a mixed group of diverse activists who share a common battle cry

Riders 'Vulnerable' to Attack

In light of Moscow subway terror attack, Sen. Lieberman warns more needs to be done to protect U.S. buses, trains

Triple Blasts Rock Baghdad

URGENT: At least 30 are killed and over 100 injured after explosions shatter windows and spark bursts of gunfire