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White House Stands Behind Afghanistan

Despite recent tension, Obama administration reaffirms commitment ahead of next week's visit by Karzai

Eurozone Acts to Stop Crisis

Eurozone leaders agree to put emergency measures in place to prevent Greece's debt crisis from spreading

Could the U.S. Be the Next Greece?

As Greece's measures to address debt crisis spark violent protests, some see parallels with U.S. economy

Principal Sorry for No-Flag Decision

California principal apologized for forbidding U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, superintendent says

Official: 'Fat Fingers' NotBehind Wall Street Chaos

Top Obama administration official says trader typo did not trigger Dow's largest intra-day point loss on record

Wall Street Does Jitterbug

Upbeat jobs report fails to stem selloff as investors remain nervous about the growing European debt crisis

Poll Backs Arizona on Immigration

Fox News Poll: Most voters support Arizona's new immigration law, and don't think Obama should stop it

More Jobs in April, ButUnemployment Rate Rises

U.S. adds 290,000 jobs to payrolls in April, but unemployment as a whole spikes to 9.9 percent• Trading Glitch Suspected in Dow 'Mayhem'

Money Courier Sought in NYC Bomb Plot

Authorities are looking for the person they believe helped finance from overseas the attempt on Times Square

Typo Cause of Wall St. Dive?

Investigators look into possibility a trader accidentally placed an order to sell $16 billion, instead of $16 million