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Protesters Rally on War Anniversary

Thousands gather in D.C., urging Obama to withdraw troops from Iraq on seventh anniversary of U.S. invasion

Cops Targeted in Calif. Trap Attacks

Police force on high alert amid assassination plots against officers possibly orchestrated by motorcycle gang

No Deal for Abortion Foes

Pelosi rules out tighter restrictions on abortion funding, signaling that Dems have enough votes to pass health bill without group of pro-life lawmakers | VIDEO

Arrest in Walmart 'All Black People' Case

Cops nab teen in 'bias incident' involving racial comment over New Jersey Walmart's PA system

Pope: Abusers 'Must Answer to God'

LIVESHOTS: Pontiff apologizes to sex abuse victims in Irish Catholic church, blasts abusers and bishops | VIDEO

Dems Once FoughtSlaughter Solution

In 2006, Dems joined a lawsuit against GOP for using a 'deem and pass' maneuver — but now tables turn as they intend to use the same method to approve health bill

Crippled ACORN Discussing Bankruptcy

Organization reportedly is suffering from severe loss of funding and mismanagement in wake of video scandal

U.S. Leaves Door Open for Iran Dialogue

In video message to Iran, Obama says U.S. is still open to diplomatic contacts despite Tehran's focus on isolation

Bill Omits Obama's Promises

Latest series of unfulfilled commitments related to the president's health care proposal emerge in final bill

Missing Washington Boy Drowned

Autopsy reveals 8-year-old accidentally drowned in Puget Sound while search continues for his missing mother