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Senate votes 70-28 to approve $15 billion jobs bill

WASHINGTON — The Senate today easily approved a $15 billion Democratic plan to try to spur job creation, as lawmakers hastened to demonstrate that they were taking steps to improve the nation’s employment picture.

Jobs Bill Clears Hurdle

Senate passes pared-down bill aimed at boosting jobs with tax breaks to businesses that hire unemployed

Teachers' Lap Dance Video Sparks Uproar at High School

Two teachers' performance of a dirty dance at a Canadian high school rally has led to their suspension without pay, The Globe and Mail reported.

Apologies — But No Sure Fix

Toyota execs face sharp questioning from federal lawmakers on recalls, but admit they lack all the answers

Abortion Snags Health Care

Pro-life groups say language in health care proposal does not explicitly ban use of federal funds for abortions

Real betting is on the way

People in the industry like to place little wagers on the weekend boxoffice. They’re probably nothing more than five bucks, or a coffee shop lunch if “x” beats “y” this weekend. That sort of thing.

Dalai Lama says 'no problem' ending his position

LOS ANGELES – The Dalai Lama said Monday he would have no misgivings ending his centuries-old spiritual position if Tibetans so choose amid worries that China would try to pick a pliant successor.

Hospitalized Cheney 'feeling good,' source says

Washington - Former Vice President Dick Cheney was "feeling good" a day after being hospitalized with chest pains, a source who spoke to Cheney said Tuesday.

McChrystal Apologizes to Afghans for Civilian Deaths

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan took his apology for a weekend airstrike that killed civilians directly to the Afghan people Tuesday