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Kucinich will support Obama health overhaul

WASHINGTON – Liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich says he will support President Barack Obama's health care overhaul bill when the House considers it.

Immigrants making a landmark shift

Los Angeles – US immigrant populations are spreading out, a study released Monday found.

Dems Flip 'No' to a 'Yes'

Rep. Kucinich switches sides in health battle, supporting bill two days after Obama visits his district | VIDEO

Under Plan, Premiums Go Up

Buyers, beware: Obama says his health care overhaul will lower premiums by double digits, but check the fine print

Obama's New Partner: Al Sharpton

Known for his activist, racially polarizing views, the Rev has become a key White House ally amid increasing criticism

Health Care March Madness

With time and tempers short, everyone's trying to pass — or stop — Obama's massive health care bill by the weekend

Senate Says Yes to Earmarks

Senate kills move by GOP to temporarily ban senators from earmarking spending bills with back-home projects

Body Parts Mystery Baffles Police

California authorities are investigating how a human head and three limbs — but no body — wound up along river

Calls Flood the House

House phone lines flooded about health care after Rush Limbaugh gives out Capitol number on radio show

Holder: We Won't Get Bin Laden Alive

Attorney general says the possibility of capturing the terror leader alive 'simply does not exist' | FULL COVERAGE