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Cops identify people behind ice bucket prank on autistic teen

Police have identified those involved in an incident in which the ice bucket challenge trend was used to trick an autistic teenager into being drenched with a bucket of urine, feces and spit.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery remains deep after six months

 Six months ago, the story began as a puzzling news bulletin.

Another Trump-named casino in Atlantic City files for bankruptcy

 Another Atlantic City casino with the Trump name is in trouble.

Rock is dead, says Gene Simmons

 Add Gene Simmons to the list of people pulling the plug on rock 'n' roll.

'Gone With the Wind' exhibit: Frankly, we still give a damn

 Like her green curtain dress, Scarlett O'Hara may be slightly tattered and worn, but she refuses to become a relic of the past.

Why does MH17 crash report avoid the word 'missile'?

 The report into Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 says everything. And yet it says nothing about the cause of the plane's crash and the criminals.

Perry: I am not a French king

 Lawyers for Texas Governor Rick Perry filed a motion Monday to toss out last month's grand jury indictment against the potential 2016 preside

Police hunt for vicious attacker at the University of Florida

Students at the University of Florida are being warned about a string of vicious assaults against women near and on the Gainesville campus, and multiple law enforcement agencies are asking for the public's help in finding the attacker.

Ravens release Ray Rice after video of girlfriend assault surfaces

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been released less than 24 hours after a video of him punching his then-girlfriend in an elevator was posted to TMZ.

What parents should know about virus spreading across US, EV-D68

Hundreds of children across the United States have been hospitalized with a serious respiratory illness. Scientists say they believe the bug to blame is Enterovirus D68, also known as EV-D68.