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Citations on Day of Blast

West Virginia mine where 25 people died was cited for violating federal safety measures on day of explosion

No Delay for Controversial Court Pick

Dems refuse to push back confirmation for Obama's judicial nominee after he initially failed to release docs

In down economy, older moms' births still up in US

ATLANTA – U.S. births fell in 2008, probably because of the recession, updated government figures confirm.

Sex Education Could Mean Charges for Teachers

A Wisconsin prosecutor is warning sex education teachers they could face charges if they follow a new state law that allows them to instruct students about proper contraceptive use.

White House RewritingThe Language of Terror

President's advisers to remove religious terms such as 'Islamic extremism' from national security document

Safety Violations at Mine

In past year and a half, there have been 600 violations at West Virginia mine where 25 people were killed

Poll: Tea Party Gains Popularity

Tea Partiers have been dismissed as a fringe group, but two polls suggest movement is going mainstream

Muslim Cleric Added to Terror List

Anwar al-Awlaki, who is tied to Fort Hood gunman and suspect in failed Christmas Day bombing, is added to U.S.

Mine Rescue Gets Delayed

West Virginia governor says it may be tomorrow before drilling reaches site of blast that killed 25 miners