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Euro Skies Open for Business

Airlines begin to put planes back in the air as officials deem economic fallout from ash mess 'devastating'

Israel Weighs Iran Gamble

Israeli security establishment is divided over whether it needs U.S. blessing if Israel decides to attack Iran

U.N. Helping Haiti — or the U.N.?

EXCLUSIVE: U.N. ups peacekeeping budget for Haiti by millions — and you won't believe where most of it's going

Scientists Fear Air TravelCrisis Could Get Worse

Tremors at Iceland volcano could trigger larger eruption nearby, creating worst-case scenario for airlines and travelers around the globe | VIDEO |

Indoor Tanning Addictive as Alcohol and Drugs

Some people's indoor tanning habits qualify as an addiction similar to being hooked on alcohol or other addictive substances, a new study suggests.

Iran Missile Threat Growing

U.S. report says Iran could develop and test a missile capable of hitting America in 5 years | FULL REPORT (pdf)

U.S. Confronts Syria Over'Provocative Behavior'

State Department questions Syrian diplomat about supplying arms to Iranian-aligned militant group Hezbollah

Ex-FBI Agent Dead in Iran?

Ex-agent missing 3 years is likely dead, according to American fugitive who claims to be last to see him alive

Senators Demand Fort Hood Info

Senators subpoena White House on shooting probe, say administration's stonewalling left them no other options