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Japan confirms Cold War-era 'secret' pacts with US

TOKYO – Japan confirmed for the first time Tuesday the existence of once-secret Cold War-era pacts with the U.S.

Don't Know Much About History?

LIVESHOTS: If politically-charged panel has its way, Daniel Boone's out — and Cesar Chavez is in | FULL COVERAGE

SeaWorld Trainer's Family Wants Video Suppressed

The family of a SeaWorld Orlando trainer who was drowned by a killer whale after a Feb. 24 performance, is gearing up for a legal battle to prevent video footage of the incident from appearing online or on television, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Rivals Israel, Syria Want to Build Nuclear Power Plants

Mideast rivals Israel and Syria on Tuesday each announced ambitions to develop nuclear energy, with Israel facing the prospect that its plan could bring new attention to its secretive nuclear activities.

Police: Man Eyed in 2nd Calif. Teen Murder

A registered sex offender charged with murdering a teen girl last month is a focus of the investigation into the death of a 14-year-old girl whose remains were found more than a year after she disappeared near her school, police said Monday.

ID Cards Planned for Workers

Under a controversial immigration plan, all American workers would be required to obtain a biometric ID card

Toyota: Don't Believe Critic

Troubled automaker assembles group of experts to refute studies that blame faulty electronics for runaway cars

Calif. Man Charged With Immigration Fraud

Daniel Higgins doesn't look like a Middle Eastern student, but officials say he portrayed himself as one, getting paid up to $1,500 per student to attend their classes and take exams so they could keep their visas current and remain in the U.S.

Controversy swirls around White House Chief of Staff Emanuel

Will the real Rahm Emanuel please stand up?

Why 'Avatar' lost big at the Oscars

Really, looking back, did "Avatar" even stand a chance?