New gun law proposed in Louisiana

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 8:12pm

Many Americans aren't happy that they type of gun used in the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT are even on the market. One retailer, Dicks' Sporting Goods, has taken those concerns to heart, and pulled that type of gun from it's shelves, at least temporarily.

Louisiana's District 3 Representative Barbara Norton hopes that in the time the guns are pulled off the shelves, a federal law will prohibit them from every being available to buy. But if a Federal law isn't made, Louisiana's recently passed Amendment 2, could make it hard to limit who is able to buy the type of assault rife used in the Newtown murders. That fact has District 2 Representative Roy Burrell very worried.

Burrell is looking at possibly challenging the law, to help ensure public safety.

Norton wasn't willing to wait to see if the Federal government will be able to change laws, and has already authored a bill trying to make the state a safer place.

Her bill asks that all guns be locked up, but even takes it a step further. If a gun is not locked up and is stolen and used for a crime, the legal gun owner will be liable for the crime committed, along with the criminal. She hopes this will be an incentive for everybody to lock up their guns.

Many people keep guns around the house for protection, and this proposed bill won't change that. People will be able to sleep with unlocked guns on them or near them, but if the homeowner isn't in the house, the gun must be locked up.


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