New study shows Louisiana workplace injuries and illnesses declining1

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 7:10pm

The rate of nonfatal occupational injury and illness cases in Louisiana requiring days away from work declined in 2011.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there were an estimated 32,500 private industry nonfatal work-related injuries in 2011, down from 34,800 in 2010. The rate of incidence of injuries and illness among Louisiana's private industry in 2011 was better than the national average with 83.5 incidents requiring days away from work per 10,000 full-time workers, compared to 105.2 cases nationally.

"Louisiana's private industrial workplaces are safer and the improving numbers reflect employers' efforts towards safety," Louisiana Workforce Commission Executive Director Curt Eysink said. "Our state's employers continue to make improvements to ensure our workers are safe."

The LWC Office of Workers' Compensation continues to focus its attention on industries with higher incidence rates.

The BLS statistics show that in Louisiana, sprains, strains and tears were the most common injuries. Floors, walkways, and ground surfaces were the most frequent causes of injuries. The majority of injuries and illnesses resulted from overexertion or other non-impact injuries.



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