Next step for the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 8:55am

Many people, not just dog lovers, are wondering why Shreveport doesn't have a dog park yet, especially since funding is in place to build it. The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance echoes those sentiments.

Cynthia Keith, the President of the alliance, remembers back to April 13, 2010, when Mayor Glover announced he was excited to build the dog park, stating that it would make Shreveport into a more progressive society. Shortly thereafter, he changed his mind. Since then, the two sides haven't stopped going back and forth about the dog park.

The money to build the park is safe in a trust like account. It is earmarked for the dog park and that alone, where it will stay until the dog park is ready to be built.

After years waging her battle on behalf of local dogs, Keith, on behalf of the Dog Park Alliance, is ready to take the next step if that's necessary. Councilman Michael Corbin plans to ask Mayor Glover one more time to accept the money, or give a valid reason why he won't. If he refuses to do that, the alliance is ready to take legal action.

While that would be a big decision to make, many dog owners support Keith's decision to take the matter out of the Mayor's hands entirely.  The Dog Park Alliance is hopeful that they will win any possible lawsuits on this matter, but even if they don't, the alliance isn't going to give up, stating "I know that the next Mayor's running will have that (the dog park) as their platform, and I can almost guarantee you, when the next mayor comes in, we'll have this dog park finally. Because this money is not going anywhere."


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