Nightwatch: Stripping away TV stereotypes of police

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 8:11am

Almost every police or crime show on television shows at least one person getting arrested, generally after a gun fight or high speed chase. But for Shreveport Patrol Officers, that is hardly what an average day looks like.

Instead, there are times when officers go days at at time when they don't take anybody to jail, instead only responding to calls for service.

Television shows show police pulling out there weapons any chance they get, but actually the equipment police use most often is their pen. From reports, to notes and of course tickets, none would be possible without their pens.

As for tickets, patrol officers will pull over they see breaking the law, traffic or otherwise. The reason they do so isn't to full fill a quota, as those are illegal and not something Shreveport participates in, but to keep the city and streets safe for people.

Officers don't want to give out tickets, they would rather have people follow and obey the law. That said, their main goal is to keep their families, friends and citizens safe, and they will do what it takes to achieve that goal.


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