No labels on genetically modified food in the Ark-La-Tex

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 6:07pm

Articles and posts about Monsanto and other companies using genetically modified organisms (GMO) are all over the internet. In the market, it's impossible to tell which products use GMO's without labeling the products, but in Ark-La-Tex states, there are no regulations for marking products with GMO's.

That uncertainty has many people heading to their local farmers markets to learn the source of their food, a move that makes many vendors happy, please to announce their products contain no genetically modified organisms.

At the Shreveport Farmer's Market, many of the food is organic, but they do have traditional products as well. In that case, the market director says the best advice if simply to ask the farmer how he or she grows the products.

For some, consuming GMO's is something to be avoided at all costs, citing a time when the corn cobs were put of for animals, one GMO corn and other other organic. The GMO corn was left alone for the most part, but the organic corn was picked bare.

Until GMO labeling makes it to the Ark-La-Tex, talking to the people growing the food is one of the only ways to learn about what is actually in the food you're eating.


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