No work at Camp Minden over the weekend

Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:50pm

The Louisiana State Police's Hazmat team was able to move about 200,000 pounds of the M6 propellant on Thursday, making the total amount moved about 2.2 million pounds. But more important than the amount moved was the significance of that amount.

Thursday afternoon, law enforcement announced that evacuations would be lifted and roads would be reopened. With daily life back to normal for the public, Louisiana State Police thought this weekend would be a great time for their team to recuperate.

The Hazmat team has been working non-stop since the black powder was found, so this weekend they are going to rest and catch up on much needed sleep.

And this weekend off isn't just for the benefit of the people moving the explosives. Law enforcement worries that exhaustion could cause them to make a mistake while moving the dangerous propellant, and they want to make sure that isn't an issue.

The process of moving the M6 will resume early Monday morning.


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