Out of room at Camp Minden

Louisiana State Police
Friday, January 11, 2013 - 8:10pm

Back in December, law enforcement officials warned it would happen, and about a month and a half later it did; the bunkers storing Explo's excess M-6 propellant are now completely full.

Louisiana State Police have moved over 6 million pounds of the illegally stored explosives, but Webster Parish Gary Sexton estimated they there is still quite a bit more that needs to be moved. 

Explo is allowed to sell product, with hopes that more space will be freed up by that, but because of the way things are stored, it could take a while to empty out a bunker.

Law enforcement is also considering shipping the explosives elsewhere to a site that has space to store them.

As safety is the main priority, all involved want to make sure that the product is as safe and secure as possible.


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