Paco the parrot still missing

Monday, June 10, 2013 - 8:15pm

For almost a week, Paco, a macaw at Cypress Park Zoo in Benton has been missing, after he escaped Tuesday evening.

Now, not only are zoo employees and volunteers worried about Paco, his parrot companion Abigail is also starting to feel the effects of not seeing her friend for 6 days.

Since Paco went missing, zoo employees and volunteers have been out searching for Paco. Friday night, they received a tip that Paco might be in Hope, AR so volunteers went to check out the tip, but they didn't find Paco.

Sunday, they received word that Paco was spotted in West Shreveport, but Jefferson Paige Rd. and Lakeshore Drive. Then, Monday morning, another call came in that Paco was by Brookshires on Pines Road. According to Facebook posts, Paco used to live in that area, so Cypress Zoo is feeling optimistic about their latest tips.

Regardless if the tips pan out or not, the zoo refuses to give up their search for Paco. Over the weekend , anonymous donors contributed a $1,000 dollar reward for the safe return of Paco or information directly leading to his return. For more information on Paco, visit Cypress Zoo's Facebook Page or call them at 318.965.4223.


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