Paul Elio talks employment opportunities

Monday, January 28, 2013 - 9:52am

In one of his first public appearances since the January 3 announcement, Paul Elio of Elio Motors was back in Shreveport letting the public know the progress that has been made his plans for the old GM plant.

While hiring is still about 14 months away, Elio Motors is starting to accept applications through their website. While all are invited to apply, Elio reiterated why he picked Shreveport as the place to open his plant.

With thousands laid off when the GM plant closed, Elio wants to give those employees a second chance. He'll also benefit because he'll be employing people who are already skilled at building cars.

Elio is excited to get the plant up and running, expecting the first of his cars to roll out of the factory in June of 2014.


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I think the Elio machine represents one of the most fascinating, exciting, and here's a dull word--PRACTICAL-concepts in personal transportation since Ford's Model T. Eventually, I want to own one. To facilitate that goal, I'd love to work for the company, though I am a 66 year-old in rural southwest Ohio.What are my chances?

There isn't any information about Elio, only what the company has released. I have read that the deposits that people are making are non-refundable, so if they don't build a car, they keep all the deposits.
There is also no financial information about the company or how they will have the backing to deliver a car to the public. No IPO, no financial data, no refunds, what's next? No car? Sounds fishy

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