Preventing fires during Ark-La-Tex drought times

Monday, September 9, 2013 - 8:29pm

With drought covering much of the area, the majority of the Ark-La-Tex has implemented burn bans to cut back on the risk of wildfire.

However those bans won't make the area completely safe from fires. While some wild fires are not preventable, many are. Caddo Fire District 1 Chief Dan Cotten says the main problem facing the area are cigarettes. When a cigarette is flicked out the window, it only takes one ember to start a potentially deadly fire. Even if a cigarette appears to be extinguished, it can still reignite and start a fire.

Along with cigarettes, people can accidentally be the cause in other ways. With dry grass all over, a chain hanging low and sparking on the road or freeway is enough to start a fire. That is the same for flat tires, which often send up sparks.

While wildfires are often thought of as only happening in rural areas, that isn't the case, especially in Shreveport where houses can back right up into the woods.

Since July 1, 2013, Shreveport Fire has responded to 42 grass, brush, and woods fires. However, if people aren't extra careful, and the area doesn't get rain soon, they predict that number to increase exponentially as conditions get drier and drier.


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