Rick Seaton and City of Shreveport respond to lawsuit

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 8:09pm

Even from prison, Rick Seaton is causing trouble for Shreveport's Mayor Glover.

Seaton was convicted of forcible rape, from a December 2010 incident where he took a girl to the Mayor Glover's office and raped her.

After Seaton's conviction, the victim filed a civil lawsuit in Federal Court. Part of the lawsuit alleges that Seaton and Mayor Glover met in secret, in Longview, Texas. The alleged meetings took place after Seaton had already been fired from his position in the mayor's office. Joel Pearce, the victim's attorney, believes the two talked about ways to limit the liability of the city in the rape of his client.

The civil case was filed in the beginning of October, and recently Seaton and the city have filed their responses.

Seaton still claims he did not rape the victim, but admits to meeting the the mayor a "few" times in 2011. The city, on the other hand, completely denies that these meetings took place.

In this case of he said, she said, Pearce believes the city has more to lose, since Seaton is almost bankrupt and has already received his sentence.

Fox 33 contacted the Mayor Glover's office, who said their response was the court document they filed and that they do not comment on pending litigation.

We also tried to contact the city's lawyer, but was told she was "unavailable".


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