Salvation Army opens "Carla's Haven"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 8:26pm

It's been almost a year since Carla Lenert Boyd died unexpectedly, but since then she hasn't stopped helping people posthumously.

Boyd is a 4th generation Salvation Army volunteer; knowing her dedication to the non-profit, Boyd's friends and family raised $45,000 to renovate the women and children's side of the shelter, doubling the occupancy.

Friends say Boyd was always the person to listen and cheer up others, and now she is doing just that for the people seeking assistance from the Salvation Army. The hard work of Boyd's loved ones can be seen in every section of the women and children's area, now called Carla's Haven.

Major Linda White of the Salvation Army is pleased that now, not only do residents have a safe and secure shelter to come to, they also have a home. Warm decorations, and hand painted murals and artwork line the walls of Carla's Haven, complete with an indoor playroom. Outside, children have another area to play, with toy cars and even a train.


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