Shreveport dog park: fabulously fun or dangerous disaster?

Thursday, November 22, 2012 - 8:09am

With all the controversy surrounding the proposed Shreveport dog park, has anybody really thought about it from the dog's perspective?

Dog like to have big areas to be social and run around, but not every dog has access to that, so a dog park seems like the perfect solution.

But dog owners in other cities say that sometimes, dog parks aren't all they're barked up to be.

Some park goers worry about unattended dogs, cigarettes, unwanted pregnancies, and of course dogs not being picked up after.

But Cynthia Keith of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance says those issues won't be a problem here.

Unlink many other parks, dogs will have to register to use the park, which ensures that they are up to date on shots. The alliance is also hoping with the the nominal fee for the registration, only responsible pet owners will use the park.

Rules and regulations will be posted; smoking won't be tolerated and all "business" must be picked up by the dog owner. That's one rule that will be strictly enforce by both the city and parish officials that will be patrolling the park.

But most of all, Keith says that if people watch their dogs like they do their children, there won't be any problems with the potential park.

And in 15 years, she hopes that there will be several dog parks around the city so that all dogs that want to run at a park have the chance.


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