Shreveport Police cracking down on "flossin'"

Monday, April 22, 2013 - 7:52pm

When the sun comes out in Shreveport, so do many of the cruisers, and after complaints from neighbors, Shreveport Police are cracking down on people cruising, or as it's called on the streets, flossin'.

While many who enjoy cruising, think it is a victimless crime and police should focus their attention on real criminals, Shreveport Police argue that cruising is not a victimless crime. When cruisers clog up the roads, it is hard for first responders and law enforcement, as well as citizens to travel the roads.

Another reason police are targeting cruisers, is that they have noticed cruising is often a gateway offense. According to police, when a driver is pulled over for cruising, they are often cited and even arrested for other offenses as well, such as underage driving and driving under the influence.

While cruisers are aware police are out there looking for them, some cruisers say they aren't going to stop.


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