Sixth graders learn a little C.S.I. from a pro

Allen J.M. Smith, Bossier Sheriff’s Office
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 4:03pm

Bossier Crime Scene Investigation instructed more than 300 sixth grade science students at Haughton Middle School today about the science of fingerprints.

Lt. Jonathan Jackson, Crime Scene Investigations supervisor for the Bossier Sheriff's Office, answers questions about the science of fingerprints.

"It was exciting explaining the different type of fingerprints of whorls, loops, arches, and how we in law enforcement match fingerprints," said Jackson. He also told how fingerprints are so commonly used to solve crimes on TV.

"It's not typically like you see on the TV shows where they ahve a fingerprint, plug it into a computer database, and out comes a perfect match. It takes more work than that," he said.

Jackson was able to speak with 330 students in eight science classes taught by Haughton Middle School. The different classes will use what Jackson taught them and conduct their own experiments by leaving fingerprings on a tile and seeing if the other classes can life a good print in order to match it


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