Some M6 black powder will remain outside

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 6:21pm

The process of moving all of the illegally stored explosives at Camp Minden has been one hurdle after another for Louisiana State Police. 

Some of the cardboard boxes fell apart when they were being moved, the bunker doesn't allow a lot of room for movement. Then there's the fact that they have to move almost six times what they originally thought they would have to move.

And now there's another bump in the road, storage.

The National Guard is letting Explo use some of their bunkers, but even with that, there won't be enough storage, and some of the M6 propellant will have to remain outside and in the elements.

To make the black powder staying outside as safe a possible, LSP is breaking the propellant into smaller sections and placing them far from each other. They are hopeful that by doing that, if one goes off, it won't set all of the others off in a chain reaction.

Locals aren't happy about this recent development, but realize that there is nothing else that can be done at the moment.


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