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E. Texas woman attacks boyfriend with cord, knives during breakup

An East Texas woman is accused of attacking her live-in boyfriend with multiple weapons after he ended the relationship on Sunday.

Jindal signs bill allowing teachers to accept small gifts from students

Governor Jindal signed into law House Bill 500, now Act 172, which allows teachers to accept gifts of a maximum value from students and former students. Representative John Berthelot (R-Gonzales) authored the bill.

ETX woman accused of slapping relative in face with catfish

Authorities are investigating a bizarre incident where a woman allegedly hit a relative in the face with a catfish over the weekend.

POLICE: Man tries to cut off teens pinky finger after failing to collect drug debt

A Longview man was arrested Thursday, May 22, after police say he nearly cut off an acquaintances' pinky finger while trying to collect a drug debt.

Coast Guard assists 9 people aboard disabled fishing vessel

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Coast Guard assisted a disabled vessel taking on water with nine people aboard, 33 miles southeast of Port O'Connor, Sunday.

Officials: ETX fertilizer storage facility fire to be treated as crime scene

Authorities announced at a Friday morning press conference the Athens fertilizer storage facility fire will be treated as a crime scene.

Ford recalls affect 1.4 million vehicles

Ford announced Thursday four recalls affecting at least 1.4 million vehicles, the majority of which are popular SUVs that may have steering issues.

Harvard awards George H.W. Bush honorary degree

When Harvard University leaders awarded former President George H.W. Bush an honorary degree Thursday, they made sure to mention his alma mater.

Texas family calls for change after child dies at school

A Texas family is fighting for changes after their young child died at school. The death was ruled an accident, but they wonder if it could have been prevented.

Assumption Parish flooding causes caskets to float out of graves

The small Louisiana town of Belle Rose in Assumption Parish had an unusual problem during Wednesday's wet weather. The heavy rains caused about a dozen caskets to float from their grave sites.