Students learn what happens to food after they eat it

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 5:50pm

Students at Bossier City's Meadowview Elementary got to see first hand what happens to food after it's eaten, and also have food choices impact bodies... all in a fun and kid-friendly way.

LSU Ag Center's Body Walk uses giant body parts that left students walk inside the body to see how food travels through it. They also learned the importance of what goes into your body, seeing the effect of too much sugar and other sweet treats.

They started out in the brain, where they learned the importance of portion sizes, then each student picked a food to become and walked into the mouth. From there they went through all the stages and saw the importance of balanced and healthy meals.

While teaching children to make healthy choices was the main goal of this activity, it also had another benefit... getting kids excited about learning science.


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