Texarkana student brings gun to school

Monday, January 21, 2013 - 5:23pm

Last week, when police heard that there was a gun at College Hill Middle in Texarkana, Arkansas, they thought the worst.

They were relieved to hear that it was just a boy who brought an unloaded gun to show to a friend. But even so, guns aren't allowed on school campuses, so police were called.

In Arkansas, an 11 year old is able to be charged gun crimes, and the boy was charged with a class d felony for his mistake... a mistake that likely would have been avoided if the gun had been locked up.

With so many children receiving guns for presents over the holidays, police want to remind parents to talk to children about guns, and also to lock them up so curious children can't get to them.

If this child's gun had been locked up, he might not now have a record that could stay with him his whole life. As it stands, depending on a judge's ruling, this child could be facing jail time for the mistake that he made.


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