Texas Governor Rick Perry speaks at WATEC Israel 2013

Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor Rick Perry
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 9:23am

Gov. Rick Perry today addressed the Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference (WATEC) Israel 2013, a leading event for the water industry that brings together international business and government leaders to discuss water solutions and showcase technological advancements. Texas and Israel face similar challenges with meeting the water needs of a continually growing population and economy.

"Israel and Texas face many of the same challenges. We must strive to utilize new technologies and new strategies to conserve and expand our supplies of fresh water," Gov. Perry said. "In Texas, we firmly believe in the power of competition to make good things happen, and we also want to be home to successful new water projects. We embrace the role that research will play in determining our quality of life in the future, and in ensuring our economic strength for decades to come."

Texas' low taxes, smart regulations, fair courts and skilled workforce have created an economic climate that attracts innovative companies from across the world. The state is home to nearly five thousand public water systems in a wide variety of climates and topographies, making Texas an ideal environment for testing new technologies in the water industry.

Texas is taking important steps to foster new technology and secure future water needs for generations to come. There are currently more than 40 installations in the state working to desalinate brackish groundwater, which supplies drinking water for some Texas communities. In addition, with voter approval of Proposition 6 on November 5, the state will make a $2 billion investment in water infrastructure from the Rainy Day Fund. Without increasing taxes, this investment will leverage funding up to $30 billion in financial assistance for local water projects over five decades, which will make the financing of these projects more affordable for local communities.

Israel is internationally recognized for its innovations in managing scarce water resources, and widely regarded as a nexus of world-class expertise in the water field. This year's WATEC conference will emphasize technologies to more efficiently use natural resources, including water, soil, energy and materials.


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