Third party billing company 'Analytical Data' in hot water

Owes City $24,000 on behalf of residents for water usage

Friday, December 7, 2012 - 6:45pm

The company Analytical Data is in hot water with the City of Shreveport and local residents.

Residents and businesses along Wells Island Road have been paying their water bill to Analytical Data. Then the company is supposed to pay that money to the city of Shreveport.

Only problem is there is no record the company has paid the city in almost two years.

"Unfortunately, they have fallen far behind on the bill and owe the city of Shreveport nearly $24,000."

Local resident Tom Oaks has been paying his water bill every month to Analytical Data. He also wants to know “Why the City of Shreveport allowed “Analytical to build $24,000 worth of debt”.

"The City knew about this problem last April and still allowed them to continue business".

People like Tom Oaks say, they hope to get answers soon.

According to Oaks, “City officials notified him that if the bill was not paid by the end of business today the entire area would be disconnected.

Fox 33 could not reach Analytical or the City of Shreveport for Comment.


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