Three earthquakes in a week; is the big one coming?

Monday, February 4, 2013 - 8:27am

In a week's time, the small East Texas town of TImpson has been hit with magnitude 2.8, 4.1 and most recently a 2.7 earthquakes.

This isn't California, so earthquakes aren't a common occurrence and are making some people wonder what is going on with all of the seismic activity.

Unlike California, geologist Dr. David Bieler, doesn't think these quakes are leading up to the big one, and is fairly confident that the East Texas earthquakes won't get much bigger than the 4.1 that shook the town in late January.

These earthquakes are happening simply because of adjustment in the sediment pile in the gulf. After years and years of pressure building up, energy must eventually be released. When that happens, and earthquake occurs.

While Timpson and East Texas have seen quite a bit of activity lately, 9 earthquakes since May, once this bout of settling is done, it's likely they won't have earthquakes from quite some time after that.


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