Tips on how to fight Hay Fever

Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 9:31pm

Allergic Rhinitis-- more commonly known as Hay Fever, is common in the Spring.

So common that many take it for granted.

"One third of people at one time or another in their life. the most common is hay fever or allergic renitis--whether it is seasonal or preneal meaning all year round," said Doctor Sami Bhana who specializes in Allergies.

Since it's so common, Bhana says many take Hay Fever lightly, but they really shouldn't, especially those with Asthma.

"By controlling the nasal allergy, it will help the asthma as well."

So how do you combat Hay Fever?

Aside from taking allergy pills or nasal spray, Bhana suggests "when you are driving you should keep the windows of the cars closed and at home also the windows are closed so that the pollens will not come inside."

He adds that people should limit their exposure to other things they're allergic to.

"Whether it is house dust, mites, or mold, or pets, it is also good to reduce their exposure to these things. control these factors so that they can tolerate the pollen allergy outside."

Bhana also points out how you can tell whether you have colds with Hay Fever.

"Secretion with colds can be thick whereas secretion from allergies is usually thin."

He also adds that colds will usually come with fever where as he says, "there is no fever or hay in Hay Fever."

There is also more sneezing involved in Hay Fever compared to the common cold.

For more information on Hay Fever, click on the links below or see your doctor.

Center for Disease Control--Allergies


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