Tornado victims picking up the pieces, staying positive

Friday, May 17, 2013 - 7:47pm

The Zator family, of the Forest Mobile Estate on Bert Kouns industrial Loop, spent the day moving their belongings to a storage unit after an EF1 tornado destroyed their home Thursday afternoon. Despite that, they are staying thankful that they are all safe, especially after a close call. Daughter Ashley called her mother warning her of a tornado warning in the area. Her mother had been sleeping; just seconds after leaving the bedroom, a tree crashed into the bedroom, landing on the bed.

Over on Barron Road in Keithville, the situation isn't much better. The tornado broke windows, pulled siding off mobile homes, shingles off houses and even knocked over trees onto cars. But just like the Zators, residents at Autumn Acres are happy they escaped unharmed.

One block over, in the Mobile Villa complex, quick actions saved more lives. An RV was demolished, with pieces of it the area. But again, the residents were spared. A neighbor told others about the tornado warning, and they escaped just before their RV was hot by the tornado.

Despite the destruction, these families and friends and focusing on what the storm didn't take, their lives.


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Shadow Lake Park on Barron Rd was torn up. Some distroyed. Funny not one news team ever looked.

Shadow Lake Park was a wreck, nobody noticed???

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