Towing safety

Friday, May 24, 2013 - 7:55pm

Every year around this time, boaters are reminded of rules, regulations and safety standards for boating, but what use are those if they can't get boats to the lake safely?

With millions of people expected to travel on freeways over the Memorial Day weekend, Louisiana State Police wanted to remind people to be careful when towing anything.

Their top piece of advice is a simple one; slow down, followed by another easy one, but one that is also easily neglected. A vehicle towing something is going to be longer and need more space to change lanes and turn.

Aside for their words of advice, there are rules and regulations put in place by the state when it comes to towing. Lights, blinkers and brakes must be working while towing, both on the towing unit and the driving vehicle. Also, anything above certain weight limits must have chains keeping it secure. If drivers aren't sure if they need chains, law enforcement advices to error on the side of caution and use them.

Speaking of those chains, authorities advice they be crossed. While not illegal not to, crossing them will help keep everything in place and secure while towing.


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