Voting on emergency service tax renewal

Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 7:16pm

A lot of times, people take their wallets into the polls with them. But people that do that in Saturday's election, could end up costing themselves more money in the long run.

This Saturday, Shreveport residents will vote on whether or not to renew a quarter percent tax increase that was originally passed in 2002.

The Shreveport Fire Department is hoping that everybody will vote yes to renew this miniscule tax. Without it services will suffer, layoffs will occur and the fire department could lose their Class 1 rating. And that is where the cost comes in for residents if this renewal doesn't pass.

Class one rating is the highest accolade a fire department can have, and it gives residents lower insurance premiums for commercial and residential properties. The fire department says that the increase in insurance premiums would be much more than the quarter percent tax renewal would be in the long run. 

They urge everybody, to save money in the long run and ensure the quality of service stays the same, vote yes on this tax renewal on Saturday.


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