Will downtown festivals bring people back to downtown?

Monday, October 8, 2012 - 9:26pm

Downtown Shreveport was a bustling hotspot over the weekend. There was the Louisiana Film Prize, plays, museums, charity walks, and of course, the Red River Revel.

These events were all located fairly close to each other, so visitors could walk from one event to another. Visitors came from all over to experience what downtown had to offer.

The Louisiana Film Prize, which had more than 1700 visitors, specifically picked this weekend because they knew that visitors would enjoy all of the other activities as well.

Groups that work to bring people downtown are hopeful that events like the weekend's, will leave people yearning for more downtown. They hope that people will have enjoyed themselves so much at the events, that they will come back and explore the area even more.

And their wish seems to be coming true. Everyone we spoke to was excited about downtown and had already made plans to come back.


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