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Shreveport man accused of burglarizing local business

A local man now faces burglary charges following his arrest, thanks in part to information received from Crime Stoppers tips.

Obama's coffee cup salute draws criticism

With a coffee cup in hand, President Barack Obama offered a less-than-formal salute Tuesday to a Marine standing guard as he exited the presidential helicopter, Marine One.

Shreveport woman accused of injuring 5-year-old

A local woman was arrested Wednesday morning in connection with an injury to a 5-year-old Shreveport child.

Family: 8th grader who collapsed at practice had heart stop

An East Texas student who collapsed at practice Monday will soon be transferred to Children's Medical Center of Dallas, according to family members

Kindergarten class learns in both Spanish and English

Imagine being five or six years old and not being able to speak your first language in the classroom. With a new teacher from Spain, kids at Casper's Part Elementary School, are learning how to get by without English.

Supreme Court celebrates 225 years

Happy Birthday to the Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court turns 225 years old today.

13-year-old ETX girl proves she can play football with the boys

 One East Texas teen proves she can be as tough as the boys.

Walmart offering checking accounts

 Walmart is finally getting into the banking business.

American soda goes on a diet

 Big Soda has agreed to go on a diet and scale back the calories in its sugary drinks.

'Pulp Fiction': 20 fun facts as the film turns 20

 Quoting Ezekiel 25:17 from "Pulp Fiction" will likely get you laughed out of Sunday school class.