Health Care's New Battlefield

Health care fight moves from Congress to the courts as lawmakers, attorneys line up to challenge historic bill

Budget shortfall stalls raises

Most state government workers will go without a pay raise in the upcoming fiscal year. The Civil Service Commission issued the suspension Friday in the face of glaring state budget shortfalls.

Clinton Makes Fun of ... Everyone

Ex-president cracks jokes about everything from Al Gore and global warming to Dick Cheney's health during dinner

Republicans Say DemsDon't Have the Votes

GOP focuses on the 20 uncommitted House Democrats who could derail the divisive health care vote

Vote Arrives as Threats Loom

Last-minute flare-ups surrounding abortion could slow Dems' march to health care passage after tense debate

Hit the Brakes: States Boost Traffic Fees

Cash-strapped states consider expansion of red-light cameras and charging drivers for accident cleanup

Iran Training Taliban to Kill NATO Forces

Taliban leaders reportedly say Iran paid them to learn how to attack and escape before NATO troops could respond

Obama's Final Health Plea

President tells House Dems on Capitol Hill they are 'a day away' on passing landmark health care legislation | VIDEO

Spring Has Sprung? Blizzard Hits Plains

Midwest storm has already killed three people as up to a foot of snow is expected to fall in some parts

U.N. to Israel: Stop New Settlements

Visiting the West Bank, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon says Israeli settlement building on occupied land is illegal