75% think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools

Despite school administrators’ concerns nationwide, Americans strongly believe that Christmas should be a part of public schools. They feel just as strongly that religious symbols should be allowed on public property.

Austin Dillon to drive No. 3 Chevrolet in 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

One of the most iconic numbers in NASCAR is back in the big leagues as Richard Ch

Pope Francis named Time Person of the Year 2013

Time named Pope Francis its person of the year Wednesday after nine months of a papacy that has brought accolades from reformers, raised fears among conservatives, and drawn widespread adulation from people around the world for his man-of-the-p

TipsforJesus restaurant tipper's bounty continues in holiday season

 An anonymous tipper apparently is spreading holiday cheer in restaurants across the country, including leaving a $7,000 tip over the weekend in N

Billy Graham's son asks for prayers for his father

The Rev. Billy Graham's son is requesting prayers for his ailing father. Franklin Graham said that his father, who turned 95 in November, is extremely weak, but his vitals are good.

Lost Nevada family warmed rocks by fire to survive snow for 2 days

The 2006 silver Jeep Wrangler with a black top carried the excited family of six into the back country of northwestern Nevada for a playful weekend outing in the snow.

Meteor explodes over Arizona; big meteor shower begins

A resounding boom over Tucson, Arizona, roused residents from their dinner tables Tuesday and had them pointing up to the sky.

NTSB probes fatal Asiana Flight 214 crash

The first officer aboard Asiana Flight 214 told investigators that he called out the plane's excessive sink rate -- its rate of descent -- "more than four times" in the two minutes before the plane crashed, according to informatio

Semi wreck shuts down I-220 E near Jefferson Paige Road

A minor accident involving a overturned tractor trailed has blocked traffic on Interstate I-220 traveling east bound, just south of the Jefferson Paige Road exit.

Shreveport council passes non-discrimination ordinance

Today, the Shreveport City Council passed the Shreveport Fairness Ordinance with a vote of 6-1.