Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc pleads guilty to mis branding and false claims for the drug Risperdal

On behalf of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S.

Louisiana rises to number 6 in national business climate ranking

Monday, Governor Bobby Jindal hailed Louisiana’s rise to No. 6 in the Site Selection 2013 Top U.S. Business Climates, the state’s highest-ever placement in the magazine’s annual ranking. Louisiana moved up from No.

West Nile virus is still a threat

Despite the cooler temperatures, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) is reminding folks that West Nile virus is still a threat.

Banks offering mortgages with only 5% down payments

Good news for homebuyers who don't have a lot of cash on hand: Banks are offering loans with down payments of just 5%.

Debunking 4 Obamacare myths: Both sides get it wrong

For four years, we've witnessed a non-stop political brawl over Obamacare.

Iron Man suit, from the silver screen to the battlefield

A U.S. Special Operations soldier kicks in the door of a terrorist safe house. The bad guys open fire with AK-47s, but the bullets just bounce off the soldier as he fires back.

New Jersey mall gunman found dead hours after shooting

A gunman who opened fire at a New Jersey mall Monday night later holed up in a back room and shot himself in the head, authorities say. No one else was injured in the mall shooting.

Shreveport mom recalls losing her son to SIDS

When Meagan Henry and her husband Steve found out they were expecting their first child, they couldn't wait to tell friends and family.

Police looking for gunman

The Shreveport Police Department is asking for the public's help to find the gunman responsible for a shooting that took place over the weekend.

Girls in the U.S. hitting puberty much earlier than their mothers and grandmothers

Girls in the United States hitting puberty at a much younger age than their mothers or grandmothers did. Scientists are always looking for reasons, and one of those seems to be weight.