Keeping the lights on

Kids at Sun City Elementary School in Bossier Parish are being pro-active to help residents who live in coastal Louisiana cities.

BPCC awarded 3.5 million dollar grant

The Bossier Parish Community College was awarded a 3.5 million dollar grant from the U.S Department of Labor's trade adjustment assistance program.

Shreveport Police Department, Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers to hold robbery prevention training seminar

The Shreveport Police Department and Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers are holdling a robbery prevention training seminar.

Shreveport Green and Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers join forces to keep Shreveport litter free

Shreveport Green and Caddo Parish Crime Stoppers have joined forces during Shreveport Night Out Against Crime to distribute information on keeping Shreveport litter free.

Deadline for Shreveport Night Out approaching

Shreveport Police Officers say it's not too late to register for Shreveport Night Out.

UPDATE: Boater pronounced dead at local hospital after staying under for 20 minutes

UPDATE: The boater found in cricital condition at a Shreveport lake was prounounced dead at a local hospital. We will continue to keep you updated as more information comes in.

Burger King snipes at McDonald's with lower-fat fries

Burger King has launched the latest salvo in its French fries war with McDonald's: a new fry that it's billing as a lower-calorie alternative to its fattier rival.

As sequel is published, 'The Shining' continues to grip audiences

The 1980 cult-classic film "The Shining" could very well get a sequel now that Stephen King has published his long-awaited followup to the 1977 novel.

Group claims to have hacked iPhone 5S

A group of hackers in Germany says it has found a way to bypass the fingerprint-sensor security system on the new iPhone 5S.

Alabama woman rescued from Lake Charles hotel; man, woman accused of human trafficking

A man and a woman have been arrested for human trafficking after they allegedly forced a young woman from Alabama into prostitution and threatened her life.