Popular art gallery bans photos

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 3:56pm

A popular Shreveport Art Gallery that houses collections of American and European paintings, sculptures and decorative arts including a scenic garden is banning photographers on the property.

The Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport has been a premier spot for photographers and family memories for decades.

But the museum recently announced that all commercial photography and photography for hire would be banned on the premises.

Private Photography will be allowed up until the museum builds a new fence on the property.

Once the fence is built all photography on the grounds will be prohibited with the exception of legitimate school affiliated educational photography classes according to the museum’s website.

The museum has been free to the public since opening in 1966.

One photographer says she has been using the property for more than 20 years and hopes the museum will have a change of heart. .

“I wish there would be a solution, maybe where I would be perfectly willing to buy a license to have something when they check your credentials to insure they have fees to go towards keeping up the grounds,” Said Mary Annelston who owns a local photography agency.

Scarlett Hendricks is another photographer who is familiar with the popular site and says she is sure there are a number of reasons why the Museum banned pictures on the property.

“I have seen people stepping in the streams and guards coming up to people and asking them to move numerous times,” said Scarlett.

Officials from the Museum have not released any information as to why the decision was made.

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