Street Tweets

Street Tweets

What are you doing for Easter?

This Sunday, some restaurants will be packed and pastel colors will be everywhere. Now that Lenten season is near its end, we asked the Ark La-Tex-- "What are you doing for Easter?"

Do you think Rep. Vance McAllister should resign?

In light of the viral video of Republican Representative Vance McAllister Kissing his Aide Melissa Peacock--who has resigned from her position, We asked the Ark-La-Tex if they think the congressman should step down or not.

How do you feel about LEAP testing?

Integrated Louisiana Educational Assessment Program--known as iLEAP testing is coming up. 

What do you think of the new Army rules on tattoos?

The Army's new dress code says military men cannot have more than four visible tattoos below the knees or elbows. Those already enlisted and violate the new tattoo rules can't be commissioned to higher ranks

What do you spend the most time doing online?

In light of the world wide web's silver anniversary, we wanted to know what you do the most online.  Watch the video to hear some of your answers.

Who is going to win Super Bowl XLVIII

In our Street Tweets question of the day, we asked people who they thought would win the Super Bowl. Most people think the Broncos will win. Who do you think will win?

Do you agree with the new "Be Fair" Law

The new :"Be Fair Ordinance" was passed by the Shreveport City Council which helps fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation. How do you feel about the new law?

How do you feel about the new gun law

A new gun law is now in place in the State of Louisiana that requires people who want to purchase firearms to go through an extensive background check so we wanted to know how exactly do people feel about the law?

Do you agree with mandatory parenting classes

Louisiana State Representative Regina Barrow is considering introducing a bill next session that would require anyone having a child to take parenting classes, so we wanted to know do residents agree.  

How do you feel about cell phones on airplanes

The FCC is considering allowing airlines to make the decision on in flight cell phone usage, so we wanted to know how do residents feel about cell phones being used on airplanes?